Our Story and Our Values

"Where did we start, and where do we want to go?

Behind the Scenes

How did the story begin?

The idea started with a WhatsApp group chat in which people were discussing “economic topics”, where we provided unique content. The high density of posts, interactions, and the enthusiasm of the members, along with their strong desire to invite others, reflected the urgent need for a community that offers more value than just a group chat."

How we started

The next step, after recognizing the urgent need, was to create this platform to enhance collaboration and increase productivity among traders, manufacturers, investors, service providers, and employees. We offer everything they need in one place.

Our Promises

What we promise you for becoming a member of our community?

We can assist you with a wide range of services and solutions tailored to your needs. Let us know how becoming a member of Bany Community can benefit you!

once you subscribe, we will schedule a session with one of our consultants. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or at any point along the way, you will receive clear guidance to establish your project, enhance and develop your sales, or form partnerships.

Bany Community offers a strong networking opportunity with traders, manufacturers, investors, and service providers, opening chances for partnerships, collaboration, and development for your projects.

As a business owner, we provide you with various services through accredited service providers. We ensure that they deliver exceptional quality services within the agreed-upon time. We guarantee a refund if the service provider doesn’t commit to the agreed terms

If you need your business raw materials, goods, or production lines, we provide you with various opportunities from different countries. We also organize trips, visits, and business meetings to help you obtain what you need.

We provide continuous workshops in the community to ensure you gain theoretical and practical experiences and needed guidance.

For your success, you need to be knowledgeable of trends, opportunities, and threats all over the world. We provide you with all the tools needed to be aware of what’s happening in the local and global markets. We provide you with live, podcasts and discussions to achieve this.

Our Values

These values are not just words; they are the principles we live by in our community.

We manage the community and the members with honesty and integrity. We seek to be truthful and reliable and take all responsibility for what we promise the members.

We promote an inclusive and welcoming environment that encourages diversity and participation from all the members. We treat all the members with justice and dignity regardless of their beliefs and opinions.

We are committed to maintaining high levels of quality in all aspects of our services, from the information we provide to the communications we facilitate.

We act professionally and stick to high ethical standards through our interactions within the community. We keep the confidentiality of member’s information and the privacy of them.

We encourage cooperation and teamwork between members. We encourage partnerships between traders, manufacturers, investors, and service providers. We recognize that working together with diverse perspectives leads to collective success.

We aim to empower community members by providing them with resources, knowledge, and expertise to make informed decisions. We assist them with certified and guaranteed services that enable them to enhance their sales, marketing, and development processes to achieve their business goals.

We embrace a culture of continuous learning and growth within the community, keeping ourselves and our members informed about the best local and global practices. We strive to acquire knowledge, experience, and share ideas to enhance the effectiveness of the community.

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