Advertising Policy

Thank you for your interest in advertising in our group. This policy aims to define the framework that regulates advertising processes within the group. We strive to maintain a balanced and beneficial environment for all members of the group.


Allowed ads:

Business Ads: Ads for business and services related to trade and economy topics are allowed to be published.

Products and Services: Advertisements of products or services related to our community may be posted in accordance with our advertising policy and procedures



  • Timing: Only one ad is allowed to be published on Wednesday each week.
  • Content: Content must be valuable and relevant to the community topics.
  • Communication: It is preferred that any questions or queries about the ad be asked on the ad page itself.
  • Ad format: An advertisement should include clear information and attractive images if appropriate.



Approval Process:

Advertising on [Banny] community is subject to a strict approval process to ensure that all advertisements are compatible with the values of our community and to provide relevant and valuable content to our users.


Relevance and value:

Ads must match the interests and needs of the [Banny] community

It should provide value, solutions or information that our users may find useful.


Non-discrimination and respect:

Advertisements should not promote or support discrimination, hatred or any form of harm to individuals or groups on the basis of such characteristics as race, sex, religion, nationality or people with special needs.



Ads must be clearly featured, and you should not try to trick users. Transparency is essential for maintaining trust within our society.


Accurate representation:

Ads must accurately represent the product, service, or content being promoted. Misleading claims, false information or exaggerated data are not allowed.


Unacceptable content:

Advertisements with offensive or inappropriate content are strictly prohibited. This includes content promoting violence, adult material, hate speech or illegal activities.

Ads to products or services that considered to be a competition to our business are not allowed except with official approval by us.


Intellectual Property and Copyright:

Advertisers must have the legal right to use any copyrighted intellectual property, trademarks, logos or material in their advertisements.


Data privacy:

Ads must comply with data privacy laws and regulations. Advertisers must obtain approval to collect, use or share any user data obtained through the Ads.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations:

Advertisements must comply with all relevant laws and regulations, including advertising standards, consumer protection laws and industry-specific regulations.


Frequency and placement:

Ads should not excessively disrupt the user experience. Excessive redundancy or intrusive positioning that negatively affects user mobility or interaction is not recommended.


Right to rejection or removal:

Banny has the right to refuse or remove any advertisement that violates our policies or may harm the safety of our community.


Reports and observations:

Users can report ads that violate our policies. We encourage users to provide feedback about advertisements to help maintain the quality of the advertising experience.


Policy changes:

We may update or change this Advertising Policy from time to time. Advertisers will be informed of any changes.


We are committed to providing a positive and valuable advertising experience for our users. Ads that meet these guidelines contribute to the overall quality of our platform. Advertisers who follow these standards are welcomed to promote their content to our interactive and diverse community.

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